Get Involved — Volunteer!

When adults volunteer, all students benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Your help is needed!  




Committee Chair: Jen Conant

Contact: academicexcellence@keheleypta.org

Academic Excellence is a celebration to recognize the entire student body for their achievements in reading. This program will include a school wide reading minute tally, as we reach our goal for a certain number of minutes read throughout the school year.



Committee Chairs: Renee Fox

Contact: artsined@keheleypta.org

This PTA funded program brings a variety of performers into our school such as artists, dancers, musicians and story tellers for our children to enjoy on Arts Day.



Committee Chair: Michelle Hilton

Contact: boxtops@keheleypta.org

Promote and encourage families to participate in the General Mills Box Tops for Education Program. Collect and submit box tops to the company for payment. Proceeds go to Keheley PTA to assist in funding educational programs, support students and teachers/staff.



Committee Chairs: Teresa Merritt and Sara Tatarski

Contact: breakfastwithsanta@keheleypta.org

PTA sponsors a Breakfast with Santa in December.  Photos with Santa as well as crafts, games and the option for enjoying breakfast together make this a fun family event.



Committee Chair: Cindy Goolsby

Contact: handbook@keheleypta.org

Prepare PTA school calendar/handbook to be distributed during Sneak a Peek at the beginning of school year.



Committee Chair: Karen Roberson

Contact: cokerewards@keheleypta.org

Manage the Keheley Coke Rewards Account online. Promote the program and encourage families to participate and donate points to the Keheley Coke Rewards Account. Proceeds go to Keheley PTA to assist in funding educational programs, support students and teachers/staff.



Committee Chairs: Roop Chatha and Cindy Goolsby

Contact: communityoutreach@keheleypta.org

This PTA committee enlists help from the Keheley family of parents, students and staff to help families in our community.

Help to educate students about the importance of helping others in our community through various charitable events. 



Committee Chair: Ira Goolsby

Contact: dadsonduty@keheleypta.org

This committee helps with morning carpool. Coordinates events and activities that encourage and promote fathers’ involvement. This is a relatively new committee and PTA is open to suggestions for other activities that our Keheley Dads can help coordinate around the school.



Committee Chair: Matt Henry

Contact: diversity@keheleypta.org

Promote an awareness, knowledge, and understanding of our diverse communities for our children and their          families. Plan and promote Mix-it Up Day and other activities to encourage students to value differences and similarities in their peers.



Committee Chair: Karen Roberson

Contact: environmental@keheleypta.org

This PTA committee provides support for the educational enrichment of our children by expanding their knowledge of keeping the environment healthy. Activities include environmental projects throughout the year (i.e. organic gardens at Keheley), helping to beautify the grounds at Keheley,  and promoting Walk to School Days held at various times throughout the year.



Committee Chair: Jess Nesbitt

Contact: facebook@keheleypta.org

This Committee posts PTA events and news to Keheley PTA Facebook page on a regular basis. Facebook helps to communicate goals, projects and events throughout the school year.



Committee Chairs: Kim Charlesworth and Sherrie Goldberg

Contact: fallfestival@keheleypta.org

This PTA sponsored evening event is a time for fun, food and games.  It is a wonderful opportunity for students and families to spend time together.



Committee Chairs: Christy Maetz and Kristie Walker

Contact: familyfun@keheleypta.org

This committee brings our Keheley families together through various “Family Fun Nights”. These family oriented events (Bingo Nights) are sponsored by the PTA and offered at no charge to our Keheley families.  Come join us for some great family fun!



Committee Chairs: Ashley Semmelink, Jessica Kane and Rebecca Causey

Contact: fifthgrade@keheleypta.org

This committee coordinates a celebration for the fifth grade students and parents in May. 5th grade t-shirts are designed and ordered for each fifth grade student to wear at events.



Committee Chair: Kristie Walker

Contact: foodnights@keheleypta.org

PTA hosts several different food nights throughout the school year.  This is a great opportunity to interact with families and friends from our Keheley community.  This year will feature Chick Fil A Nights, Bruster’s Nights and  Yogli Mogli Nights. The Keheley Foundation will also be hosting foundation nights at Zaxbys a couple of times throughout the year. When you eat at these locations throughout the year, a portion of the proceeds will go back to Keheley to assist in funding educational programs.



Committee Chairs: Keheley PTA Executive Board and Keheley Foundation Executive Board

Contact: fundraiser@keheleypta.org

This year the PTA  and the Foundation will be hosting a Cougarthon as a joint fundraiser. During the Cougarthon, the students will participate in a fun run to help raise money for our school. This will be the only fundraiser for the year.



Committee Chairs: Stephanie Lawson and Michelle Hilton

Contact: health@keheleypta.org

This committee plans and promotes programs and events to encourage nutrition and healthy, active lifestyles for students, families and our community. PTA sponsors Field Day which is a fun event filled with outdoor activities for all students.



Committee Chair: Cindy Goolsby

Contact: reflections@keheleypta.org

This committee organizes and promotes the annual ECCC PTA program that encourages students to write about their everyday heroes. A panel of judges reviews the entries and selects a winning essay per grade level. Grade level winners are recognized at Keheley and submitted to ECCC PTA for recognition.



Committee Chairs: Roop Chatha and Cindy Goolsby

Contact: hospitality@keheleypta.org

This committee serves as hosts for newcomer’s coffee and provides refreshments as needed for specific meetings & events during the school year.  They also organize and provide meals for staff during the school year’s pre-planning session.



Committee Chairs: Carolyn Hughes

Contact: international@keheleypta.org

This committee coordinates and plans an educational and informative event for our Keheley families. Parents and children showcase their culture, customs and heritage during this exciting evening event.



Committee Chair: Alanna Behizidah

Contact: kindergarten@keheleypta.org

This committee coordinates a fun morning event to welcome new kindergarten students and their parents to Keheley. The students and parents tour Keheley and get acquainted with the Cougar Café, Media Center, Gym, etc.




Committee Chair: Jill Sprouse

Contact: legislation@keheleypta.org

This committee provides our PTA members with information on current issues and presents PTA’s position on legislative issues relative to the education and welfare of children.



Committee Chair: Lindsey Dolatowski

Contact: media@keheleypta.org

PTA volunteers assist in a variety of tasks such as shelving books, check-out and check-in, processing new books, and assisting students during their media center time.



Committee Chair: Andrea Gersh

Contact: membership@keheleypta.org

This committee promotes PTA membership at Keheley throughout the school year. The chair educates parents about the importance of membership and what the PTA advocates and does for our children.



Committee Chairs: Jamie League and Melanie Ives

Contact: memorybook@keheleypta.org

This book, published yearly, is filled with the year’s events at school.  The books can be purchased at the beginning of the school year by students and are distributed in May.



Committee Chair: Renee Fox

Contact: originalartwork@keheleypta.org

Original Artworks is a program in which the students’ own artwork is used to create personalized items, i.e., magnets, key chains, cups.  Parents are able to purchase these items, if desired, as well as choose from a variety of other items that exhibit their child’s artwork.   



Committee Chair: Roop Chatha

Contact: pawprintpress@keheleypta.org

The Paw Print Press is a monthly newsletter that is published and posted on the Keheley PTA website and emailed to Keheley families who are on the “Cougar Call” email list.  This newsletter will provide monthly information of all school activities. 



Committee Chair: Nicola Wiggins

Contact: redribbon@keheleypta.org

This committee promotes a visible commitment to living a safe, healthy and drug-free life. In the Fall, the school participates in several activities to promote the National Drug Awareness Program.



Committee Chair: Cindy Goolsby

Contact: reflections@keheleypta.org

This is a cultural arts program of the National PTA.  This art program encourages students to submit their entries in visual arts, musical composition, literature, photography, dance/choreography and/or film/video production.  2 winners per grade level for each category are selected by judges to advance to ECCC PTA for judging.



Committee Chairs: Ashley Semmelink, Angelina Gonzalez and Liz Perdue

Contact: roomreps@keheleypta.org

The room representative committee ensures that all homeroom classes have two room parents. They provide information packets to each room parent with both general information relevant to all classes as well as classroom specific information (such as teacher birthdays, favorite treats, etc.). Room parents are responsible for coordinating the needs of the classroom, such as volunteering in the class, field trips, and other events at the school.  The room parent will also organize and host their class Holiday Party.  This committee also plans and organizes the Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week which is held in the spring and surprises the staff with various small treats throughout the year.



Committee Chairs: Sherrie Goldberg

Contact: schoolstore@keheleypta.org

The Cougar Store sells the specific school supplies that your child needs for the school year. Required and supplemental items are available for purchase before school hours throughout the year.  The school store is staffed with parent volunteers throughout the school year. Store hours are 7:20 am to 7:45 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Committee Chairs: Bill Hough and Susan Petteway

Contact: spiritnights@keheleypta.org

This committee promotes PTA sponsored events which offer families a fun night out. These events include but are not limited to Skate Nights at Hot Wheels Skating Center and Stars & Strikes.



Committee Chair: Roop Chatha and Cindy Goolsby

Contact: website@keheleypta.org

The PTA website is updated on a regular basis with information on events and news. The website helps to communicate goals, projects and events throughout the school year.









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